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C-Sandler Executive Peer Group

An invitation-only executive peer group that is available to C-level executives, senior sales leaders, CEOs, and business owners who are serious about growing their businesses.

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C-Sandler Program

Designed to help you break through plateaus, remove bottlenecks, and take your career or organization to the next level.

Aligning Talent to Strategy
Goal Setting
Aligning Personal and Company Goals

Strategic Coaching


The Leader's Cookbook

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Monthly Hybrid Meetings (Sept '23 - Dec '24) 

Each meeting will consist of three elements:
 Active learning topic      Application & accountability      Problem-solving exercises
The group members will rotate meeting with other members between sessions. We will also have a private chat available to discuss issues, share ideas and suggest resources. On a quarterly basis, the group will meet for a networking and learning event.
What's Covered

C-Sandler Topics

Sales leaders carry some of the greatest responsibilities in the organization. C-Sandler endows leaders with the skillset and enablement tools they need to cement themselves as valuable, results-driven, strategic leaders.

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Benchmarking a Team for Success

Over half of all companies are leaving millions of dollars on the table. Most organizations rely on the top 20% of sellers to deliver over 50% of their revenue. The ability to accurately measure talent, identify skills gaps, and diagnose growth opportunities adds significant revenue.

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Strategic Coaching

There is no one size fits all coaching model. There are only approaches that have shown to be successful in particular situations. Acting as a coach, the leader must identify each individual's personal success code, and use that code to unlock their potential.

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"The Leader's Cookbook"

For leaders, the cookbook should include an equally clear list of to-do items, a list that supports your efforts of building a better team, a better culture, and efficient systems and processes while improving your leadership skills.

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Strategies for Pipeline Hygiene

As a leader, you should be providing support and helping your team with issues that may occur in the pipeline associated with advancing deals, closing opportunities, early exits, and better decision-making. 

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Coaching Client Meetings

One of the best ways to improve your closing rate is by planning and debriefing your sales meetings. Lack of planning becomes a blindspot that hinders our ability to advance opportunities faster and more efficiently. 

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Aligning Talent to Strategy

Leaders need to be involved in both strategic planning and team goal setting. Alignment means identifying not only the right short-term tasks but also the right long-term goals, perspectives, and attitudes.

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Sales Playbooks

A playbook reduces time to self-sufficiency for new hires and increases the effectiveness of existing salespeople. It should be a collaborative effort between the leader and the sales team.

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Accelerating New Hires Success

If you want a better team, you must learn how to be a better motivator. The leader must understand why people show up for work and tie that reason to your company's mission.

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Leveraging Enterprise Sales Tools

Selling into large, complex organizations can offer valuable lessons. Leveraging tools for better territory and account planning are key for keeping a steady flow of new business.

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From Enterprise to SMB sized organizations looking to scale, Sandler is the only training provider with the breadth and depth to help you take the next step.

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Members will be selected based on role, experience, and level of commitment. All members will sign a member commitment document and agree to participate fully. On a quarterly basis, the group will meet for a networking and learning event. The group will be co-facilitated by CEO Coach Tom Cuthbert and Sandler's Management Consultant Angel Salinas.